Refund Policy

For all MyWebChef Services we have a strict no refund policy.  To cancel services, we do need a written 30 Day notice to [email protected] stating your account information and which services you want canceled.

Should the notice be given within 30 days of your next billing cycle, we can’t guarantee your account will not be billed for the upcoming cycle.  We will do our best to cancel subscriptions, services or whatever product you want canceled before your billing cycle but it is not guaranteed.  

Hosting & CRM Refund Policy

For hosting and CRM services we want to be flexible with our clients.  Should there be a failed credit card payment, written hardship or some other reason payment is not processed.  We keep services live and uninterrupted for a period of time determined at the discretion of the MyWebChef staff.  However, should the determined time fall over one or multiple billing cycles, the client is still responsible for bringing their account current by paying previous months of usage that kept live.  We use our discretion on keeping sites live UNLESS a customer gives us specific written instructions to disconnect services or another agreed upon alternate action..